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Recycled polyester filament yarn
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Recycled polyester filament yarn


With Global anti pollution and environmental protection trend, all the authorities of different countries and districts are calling on recycled textile using. Among which, recycled polyester  filament is in the spotlight.

Recycled polyester filament is most wilely used from upholstery home textile like sofa fabric and curtain, fashion textile like leisure suits fabric. Both knitting use and weaving use.


The global recycled polyester filament market is expected to reach $39.3 billion in10 years with a compound annual growth rate over 6.0% Year on Year.

The global consumption of sustainable textiles or recycled textile rise has been a major factor driving market growth.


Recycled polyester staple filament has many specifications, Kunshan Xingxin now is focusing on DTY recycled polyester filamentcurrent main specifications are

Recycled polyester filament DTY SD 170D/48F 180D/96F 310D/96F 310D/144F

Recycled polyester filament DTY BRT 180D/84F 270D/84F 300D/84

Recycled polyester filament SD 30D/24F, 50D/72F, 75D/36-72F, 100D/36-144F

Recycled polyester filament BRT 100D/48F, 150D/48F, 300D/96-144F,



We are specialized in chenille yarn producing as well as metallic yarn and upholstery fabric.

Starting on Y1996, we now own spinning mill, chenille yarn factory, dying house, rewinding works and weaving mill.

We supply 100% acrylic chenille yarn, 100% polyester chenille yarn, 100% cotton chenille yarn, 100% viscose chenille yarn and all blended chenille yarn.

Chenille yarn count range: 0.5NM -13 NM

Raw white chenille yarn( grey yarn) and dyed chenille yarn

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