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New blinding chenille yarn
Published on:2019-11-28 10:25:03    Size:【Large】【middle】【Small

 New blinding chenille yarn:


History always repeats, it is same in chenille yarn industry:

Once shining chenille yarn or called lurex chenille yarn plays important role in the market.

Nowadays, in some market, the new trend comes back to this shining chenille yarn.

By the name, lurex chenille yarn made with chenille yarn and shining lurex. Actually, it is metallic yarn that appears blinding and shining effect.


In lurex chenille yarn manufacture process, we made ready metallic yarn into chenille yarn. While it is well known that there are many specifications in lurex yarn, some are more shining but less softness, some are with nice hand feeling but with less blinding chenille yarn appearance effect.


Besides, in certain chenille yarn end use, it have to be able to withstand high temperature. Not all metallic yarn is high temperature resistant, and only long time heat resistant metallic yarn can be used to make lurex chenille yarn.


We produce both metallic yarn and chenille yarn, knowing all physical and chemical character of metallic yarn and chenille yarn, thus our quality is 100% guaranteed.


We are specialized in chenille yarn producing as well as metallic yarn and upholstery fabric.

Starting on Y1996, we now own spinning mill, chenille yarn factory, dying house, rewinding works and weaving mill.

We supply 100% acrylic chenille yarn, 100% polyester chenille yarn, 100% cotton chenille yarn, 100% viscose chenille yarn and all blended chenille yarn.

Chenille yarn count range: 0.5NM -13 NM

Raw white chenille yarn( grey yarn) and dyed chenille yarn

( NOV. 2019)


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