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New Chenille yarn dyeing equipment loaded
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New Chenille yarn dyeing equipment loaded

After fast development of our chenille yarn business in Y2018, it is necessary for us to expanded our dyeing house capacity.


In new year, for the first step, we load a new chenille yarn dyeing vat. This chenille yarn dyeing vat is high temperature high pressure dyeing vat, with capacity of 500 KGS.


As professionals, we know that for dark color or special material chenille yarn, the dyeing is very difficult. Dark color varies in different dyeing consignment if the chenille yarn dyeing vat is not good or lack experienced staff.

And even with mature and careful dyeing master, color variation appears as long as dyeing vat is not upgraded or in bad condition.


For our brand new chenille yarn dyeing vat, it is first rate new technology dyeing vat which has got perfect dyeing effect by maintaining stable dyeing temperature and heating time.

Besides, this one has got the biggest chenille yarn dyeing capacity of 500 KGS for both dark color and special material chenille yarn.

When we dye any chenille yarn or any color, more dyeing capacity means less dyeing consignments, and less dyeing vat difference. For example: when we dye super soft polyester chenille, one color dyeing quantity is 1900 KGS, then we need just four dyeing consignments. So that customers will see chenille yarn without dyeing vat difference.


We are specialized in chenille yarn producing as well as metallic yarn and upholstery fabric.

Starting on Y1996, we now own spinning mill, chenille yarn factory, dying house, rewinding works and weaving mill.

We supply 100% acrylic chenille yarn, 100% polyester chenille yarn, 100% cotton chenille yarn, 100% viscose chenille yarn and all blended chenille yarn.

Chenille yarn count range: 0.5NM -13 NM

Raw white chenille yarn( grey yarn) and dyed chenille yarn


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