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Chenille yarn crazy season is going on
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Chenille yarn crazy season is going on:


China government takes more and more strict measures on environmental protection, chenille yarn becomes the treasure in great short: nowadays, polyester chenille yarn amounts to 80% of all chenille yarn factories capacity.  When China Customs forbids to import any polyester spun yarn material: PET bottle, the polyester spun yarn price soars in the market, which is the main material for all kind of polyester chenille yarn.


To make matter worse, the supply of polyester chenille yarn decreases sharply but the demand increases by local market: the chenille upholstery weaving hot season comes from August, all chenille sofa fabric, chenille curtain fabric manufacturers takes regular order and places big order for chenille yarn.


Small chenille yarn plants or workshops stop chenille yarn producing, because the polyester yarn cuts supply to them. As the polyester yarn manufacturer must focus on main big factories or manufacturers of chenille yarn.


All above contributes to the chenille yarn price rising market situation.



We are specialized in chenille yarn producing as well as metallic yarn and upholstery fabric.

Starting on Y1996, we now own spinning mill, chenille yarn factory, dying house, rewinding works and weaving mill.

We supply 100% acrylic chenille yarn, 100% polyester chenille yarn, 100% cotton chenille yarn, 100% viscose chenille yarn and all blended chenille yarn.

Chenille yarn count range: 0.5NM -7NM

Raw white chenille yarn( grey yarn) and dyed chenille yarn


 (Sep. 2017)



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