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Cationic dyeable polyester chenille yarn
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Cationic dyeable polyester chenille yarn


With the acrylic chenille yarn price went up and stayed at high level for long enough time, most of upholstery weaving mills and knitwear producers shift to polyester chenille yarn. Thus we developed acrylic touch polyester chenille yarn, viscose like polyester chenille yarn, along with bright polyester chenille yarn and micro fiber polyester chenille yarn.


Then all the cost of chenille yarn comes down.


While as most of the polyester chenille need high pressure and high temperature dyeing, which makes the dyeing cost goes high after the reduce of chenille yarn cost itself.


So now we developed the latest technology in chenille yarn field: Cationic dyeable polyester chenille yarn.

Cationic Dyeable polyester chenille yarn is special because: this yarn can be dyed with normal pressure and normal temperature dyeing vat. And the cationic dyeable polyester dyed chenille yarn is with super smooth and silky hand feeling.

Compared with last generation: acrylic touch chenille yarn

This cationic dyeable polyester chenille yarn has 30% increase in softness and smoothness.


So old and new customers, our latest new technology cationic dyeable polyester chenille yarn will give you a big shock.



We are specialized in chenille yarn producing as well as metallic yarn and upholstery fabric.

Starting on Y1996, we now own spinning mill, chenille yarn factory, dying house, rewinding works and weaving mill.

We supply 100% acrylic chenille yarn, 100% polyester chenille yarn, 100% cotton chenille yarn, 100% viscose chenille yarn and all blended chenille yarn.

Chenille yarn count range: 0.5NM -7NM

Raw white chenille yarn( grey yarn) and dyed chenille yarn


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